We love love, we want you to love what we do…..

Reellovefilms has been run by me, Frances, (now ex) teacher of Art and Design, since 2010. We were one of the first new wave of female wedding film makers and have been lucky enough to have filmed couples in love from all over the world, from premier league footballers, formula one drivers, journalists, actors, singers, BAFTA award winning directors, producers, designers, artists….it’s been amazing! We’ve also collected a lot of air miles; with weddings from the Seychelles to L.A. But mostly, our couples are just the best people ever…and completely in love…which of course makes this the best job in the world.

With a lifelong passion for film and cameras…(probably inherited from my hoarder Dad, whose spare room is overflowing with ancient Russian cameras and dusty Super 8’s,) I wanted to make films that truly reflected the couple on the day, that are natural in style, full of emotion, and timeless in look. I feel our gentle and discreet approach to filming and interacting with guests has really helped us achieve this.

We have grown over the last couple of years into a small team of 4 who now cover weddings all over the country and abroad. There is nothing more fulfilling than hearing that a client has loved their film,(and cried!) and I hope to be able to do the same for many more couples.