Emily and Ashley – The Olde Bell, Hurley

So, this is the story of Emily and Ashley…a transatlantic love story because Emily moved to the States shortly after they’d met, but by then he was already completely, totally only ever going to be with Emily…so he went and got her! Emily emailed me from San Francisco initially….massive, huge long emails…the kind of emails that maybe you might think the woman was a little crazy…  But of course she isn’t, she’s one of the funniest, warm hearted, and welcoming people we’ve met along this wonderful wedding path we’re taking. You can’t help but love this girl!  So, Ash, I totally get it; she was worth it and I think you were too, you make a fantastic couple.

The wedding took place just before Christmas, all cosy and candle lit (filming nightmare..but looked pretty!) at The Olde Bell, Hurley, which is a great venue and has wonderful food and a lovely atmosphere. I was accompanied by my side kick Beccy, this time in her photographer capacity of Rebecca Goddard Photography…needless to say she was lovely to work with!

We had a lovely time meeting you both and your families, I am so happy you chose us and even more happy to know I’ve gained another friend out of it all. Loads of luck and love to you both and your exciting future as a family xx

  • Emily said:

    Just watched this with ash a year on, and with a friend who couldn't make the big day, and we all have tears! The red wine is not to blame....it is the beautiful and talented filmmaker who immortalised the happiest day of our life (with little tom hidden away in my belly!) thank you dearest Frances - it is so magical to feel all those emotions again xxxxx

    • frances said:

      Oh gosh Emily, you've just made my chin wobble! (and the huge number of cakes I've been eating isn't to blame either!) love that you love it, can't believe it was over a year ago...and you're now a family of three :) X