Karen and Tim – Blackbrook House

I remember this wedding most for all the incredibly heartfelt and touching Vows and Speeches…custom Vows…can’t beat them, and these were wonderful! ¬†Karen and Tim were married on yet another one of our non sunny summer days, but as always there was enough love, happiness and warmth going around that we didn’t miss the sun one bit. Karen and Tim had spent ages making all the little details that made up their wedding, so much hard work and thought had been put in, and it was beautifully topped off with their vows which they’d both written for each other.

Karen and Tim were surrounded by their family and friends and everyone made us feel so welcome and at ease. Their photographer was Roger Brown who was lots of fun to work with and the venue, Blackbrook House had a lovely homely relaxed feel to it. I know everyone enjoyed themselves throughly and I hope you both have an amazing Christmas together this year, we wish you all the luck in the world for your future together xx

  • Karen said:

    I just can't watch this without crying and beaming - sometimes at the same time! Thank you both so much - the film is more beautiful and stunning than we could have hoped for and has amazed all of our friends with its creativity and attention to detail. Many tears all round - yey! ;)

    • frances said:

      So glad you like the film Karen! You two were an absolute pleasure to film and be with and hurrah for the tears ;) X