Nice Words

Here are some of the latest comments we’ve had from couples whose wedding’s we have filmed.

Ellie and Beau –

Frances!  We’re both lost for words, it’s so utterly gorgeous I can’t quite believe it’s ours! You’ve captured the very best of everyone and everything and given us the best reminder of such an amazing day!The words and music you’ve picked out are perfect and its brought it all back! So thank you, thank you, thank you!! Ellie and Beau x

Ollie and Lucy –

Thank you very much for all your work on our clip and film. We are delighted with the end result. There were a few tears, lots of smiling and plenty of laughter when we watched them together last night.The memories will last forever of course and it is wonderful to now have such a superb film to accompany those memories of the day. We love the music and how you combine the speeches with the footage – you picked out my favourite lines of my speech!!On my way to work now and all I want to do is go back home and watch them again…

Thank you so so much. Ollie x

Lucy and Jonny –

Frances we TOTALLY love it!!!  The gift was so unbelievably sweet of you as well. You’re such a total star – I sent the link to my best friend vix and she said she has ALSO watched it like 20 times and it even made HER teary (that’s more suprising given shes essentially emotionally removed from the situation – and also I tend to cry at everything so not a good litmus test!).  Anyway I  ESPECIALLY did, when I watched the full edit last night  – and Jonny mentions my Mum.  I also had so much more opportunity to take it what he was saying as on the day it was all a bit overwhelming!  Ed’s speech also amazing. Ahhh all just so perfect,  Really excellent.

I am so pleased that you and the photographer have been in touch, before the wedding when I told him last minute I was having a videographer he seemed a bit iffy (as I think hes a total photojournalistic purist and that his pics should do the same job by telling a story –  if that makes sense), but I think you single handedly managed to convert him so that’s amazing – he seems totally charmed by you and your work and I couldn’t be happier.

Sandra and Mark –

Hi Frances

So we finally got to watch the film last night….I know, I don’t know how I waited so long but we had the boys sick one after the other and with Mark working evenings we hadn’t had any time together!

You have given us the most amazing, precious, emotional memory of our wedding, we can’t begin to thank you enough. You are amazingly talented and it is obvious how much work has gone into the the editing and song choice, everything is perfect, even the packaging! I knew it was going to good after just seeing Alex’s clip but it is far more than that, you’ve captured the whole mood of the day and there are so many favourite bits!
Everyone has been so impressed with the clip, they have been showing everyone (like I did with Alex’s!) and a few have got friends or relatives getting married so I would hope you may get a few calls! We’ll be having family and friends screening of the full film over the next week.
Thank you once again Frances and if I can offer any reviews or feedback for your website or anywhere else please just let me know.

Nicola and Lindsay-
“We received our wedding DVDs yesterday and were absolutely blown away by the whole package! I can’t tell you how happy we are with everything”
“You’ve done such an amazing job capturing the day and setting it to our music – it’s really beautiful. You both picked up on many of the details that our photos didn’t – things we thought hadn’t been captured at all.

The beautiful packaging – your boxes, the wooden heart you made for us. It’s all so thoughtful & simply gorgeous.

We are beyond thrilled and can’t thank you enough for the care & attention that is obvious throughout the whole package. Thank you so, so much again. I’m sure Mum & Dad will be thrilled with their DVD too.
Right…we’re off to watch it again…!”

Nicola & Lindsay x

Helen and Paul-

Hi Frances, Received the discs thanks. Sorry I haven’t mailed you sooner, have been too busy watching them over and over again :) They are perfect, thank you sooooooooooooooooo much Many Thanks Helen & Paul

Rob and Sally-
Hi Frances, we got our video today, It’s beautiful!!!!! brought back so many happy memories of our day. You were so professional we didn’t even notice you were there and you have caught some fantastic moments. We can’t thank you enough. Rob and Sally. Xx

Stu and Nicola-
We are so thrilled with our video highlight, can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you so much Frances. X

Phil and Cheryl-
Hello Frances

Firstly let me say how thrilled we are with the wedding dvd, we absolutely love it and people are still talking about it all! Thank you so so much.

Sophie and Tim-

Dear Frances,

Thank you so so much we love the video and are so chuffed with the outcome. It made us all laugh, smile and cry again! and you have created a fabulous memory token for us to keep forever. You are really very good at your job!

Many Many Thanks Sophie.