Sonia and Sandeep – Forest of Arden

Sonia and Sandeep were married at The Forest of Arden hotel in the summer. Though the day started with grey clouds and a threat of rain, it cleared to become a beautiful, warm day which reflected the colour, energy and happiness of Sonia and Sandeep and all their guests. I just love how much energy and fun there was on the day, and the amazing outfits they both wore. Sonia looked drop dead stunning in her jewel encrusted wedding outfits (Sandeep scrubbed up not too badly either!) and the Hindu Ceremony had a magical and emotional air to it…

The dancing (of which there was lots through out the day) was some of the best I’ve seen! The venue literally rocked and I’ve never seen a groom so happy to be on the dance floor!  Their music was supplied by Ground Shaker….they were good :)    They also had the sitar player Jonathan Mayer playing throughout the day.

Their photographer was Benjamin Toms who did an ace job throughout what was a long day; lets hope our paths cross again one day!

Congratulations Sonia and Sandeep, thank you so much for all the fun and fantastic food we had, we wish you all the happiness in your future together X

  • Beccy said:

    Wow! Frances, I love it. The dancing, the music, the colour and all the happy people! I wish I could have helped on this one!! Gorgeous work.

  • Shamina Tayub said:

    Wow never fail to deliver...this trailer is amazing! Can't wait to see ours!! xx