Caroline and Mike – Stubton Hall

Caroline and Mike got married on one of the hottest days this year…it was boiling. Not that they noticed, as they spend the rest of the year living in Dubai, so for them it was probably just a nice mild day, and it was just myself and Alex that looked all hot and sunburnt!

They got married at Stubton Hall, near Newark, which is a simply beautiful and elegant venue, with the ceremony room so light and bright. The photgraphers were husband and wife team Oehlers, from Notts, who were such a pleasure to work with, made the day very easy for us, thank you!

The underlying theme for Caroline and Mike’s wedding was fun. Everyone just enjoyed themselves, helped by the venue and the weather of course, but it was a great wedding, complete with fireworks late in the evening. I wish you every bit of happiness Caroline and Mike, and keep on ¬†smiling :)