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Maya and Rich – Hacienda Zorita

Not sure where to start with this one! When Rich emailed to see if we were free to film his and Maya’s wedding we were excited about it right from the start. Not only was the wedding a wonderful mixture of Hindu and Christian, but it was set over three days in the stunningly beautiful vineyard of Hacienda Zorita, near Salamanca in Northern Spain….so we were over the moon when they said they wanted to book.

Maya and Rich had planned the wedding weekend to perfection (well, probably more Maya…I think Rich was given the task of planning the “V”s…videographer and vicar…but we all know these are the most important parts right?…) They were joined by friends and family from all over the world and everyone came with the spirit of love and enjoyment, it was such a great weekend. Rich and Maya have a strong sense of fun and adventure (Rich travelled around the world in a TukTuk to raise money for an education programme), so it was never going to be your average wedding.  Even though I was jet lagged from flying in from Bali the day before, the atmosphere and welcoming nature of everyone there just made the whole weekend such a pleasure to film and experience. We loved the mixture of traditions and faiths, all with a Spanish twist. The sun shone and the food and wine were amazing. The Hacienda staff did an fabulous job at putting on this epic three day event.

We were joined by the wonderfully lovely Deborah Panes and assistant Jonty who were photographing the events alongside us. It is so great to meet people with like minds and who are easy and fun to work alongside…it really does make for such a great team. Thanks both for being so lovely and I really enjoyed our beers with the vicar in Salamanca town ;)   Deb’s also has a super talented brother, Roo Panes, who you sang the song in the clip…he’s one to watch!

With the help of a DJ flown in from the Canaries, every day was finished off with a proper good party and the dance floor was always full. Thanks both for being so great and happy and fun to be around….we wish you luck in your future travels and adventures together! xx


Sonia and Sandeep – Forest of Arden

Sonia and Sandeep were married at The Forest of Arden hotel in the summer. Though the day started with grey clouds and a threat of rain, it cleared to become a beautiful, warm day which reflected the colour, energy and happiness of Sonia and Sandeep and all their guests. I just love how much energy and fun there was on the day, and the amazing outfits they both wore. Sonia looked drop dead stunning in her jewel encrusted wedding outfits (Sandeep scrubbed up not too badly either!) and the Hindu Ceremony had a magical and emotional air to it…

The dancing (of which there was lots through out the day) was some of the best I’ve seen! The venue literally rocked and I’ve never seen a groom so happy to be on the dance floor!  Their music was supplied by Ground Shaker….they were good :)    They also had the sitar player Jonathan Mayer playing throughout the day.

Their photographer was Benjamin Toms who did an ace job throughout what was a long day; lets hope our paths cross again one day!

Congratulations Sonia and Sandeep, thank you so much for all the fun and fantastic food we had, we wish you all the happiness in your future together X